Consular Assistance

The Embassy of the Republic of The Gambia provide consular services to Gambian citizens. This service encompasses, render guidance in the scenario of an accident, the scenario of death, and arrange for next of kin to be informed, support during disasters such as civil disturbances and natural disasters and moreover witness and certify signatures and provide various other notarial and legal services, for which charges are payable.

Gambian Passport

Gambian citizens are also able to acquire the Gambian passport application form and procedures in order to Gambian passport or travel documents by getting in contact with us.

Gambian Visa

Note: Tourists and others travelling on last minute bookings will be allowed entry but will be required to submit their passport to the Department of Immigration in Banjul within 48 Hours to be issued a proper visa.

The Gambian Embassies and Consular Offices are the only accredited Gambian Government Agencies who are permitted to grant Gambian visas in a country other than The Gambia.

Download Visa Application Form ~ here